Painted Birdhouses

painted bird houses

A while ago, My father in law got two wooden bird houses with the children in mind.

painting the blue bird nesting box painting bird house

Mrs. Sayuri chose the blue bird nesting box and Mr. Happy Feet chose to paint the more common bird house.

children painting the birdhouses

I set them up outside in the grass with a garden table covered with newspaper. Baby Girl was eager to be their little helper.

painting bird house

They used some acrylic craft paints that we had and an array of paint brushes. They made a mess and had a blast. Bathing suits and being outside were a great idea. This made for a much less stressed mama. 🙂

I know I should probably seal them with something but I haven’t yet. Any suggestions?

We hung Mr. Happy Feet’s bird house in the plum tree out back. We were so excited to see twigs and branches peeking out of the hole weeks later! And just over a week ago we noticed some baby birds peeping from inside. We saw the Mama bird bring them things to eat including a spider. We are pretty sure it’s a house wren that has set up house in there. About two days ago we checked back and we think that there’s no one there anymore. Soon it will be time to take it down and clean it out. I hope to get a picture of it hanging and maybe we’ll document the cleaning process too.

We’ll hang the blue bird nesting box up next year.

Maybe next spring we’ll get some birds to nest in both of them!


Lovely Find

Lovely Find

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