A Photo A Day: November 15

window baby girl

Today was so chilly that I didn’t even set foot out of the house all day! I know I’m a wimp when it come to this cold weather stuff. 🙂

Mrs. Sayuri had gymnastics and Hubby took her, so I stayed home with Baby Girl and got some images of her doing one of her favorite things…playing/hiding in the curtains.

Pumpkin Recipes

For dinner tonight I made Pasta with a Creamy Pumpkin Sauce from Food and Wine.com because I was trying to use up some homemade pumpkin puree that I’d prepared and blended up earlier in the week. I followed the recipe somewhat but modified it according to the ingredients that I had on hand. I used Ravioli for my pasta. Instead of red onion I used white, no hazelnuts or chives and no mascarpone or fresh parmesan. I used cream cheese in place of the mascarpone and powdered parmesan for the fresh. It still turned out good. I have more pumpkin left in the fridge and some in the freezer yet.

Here are some pumpkin recipes I want to try:


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  1. Auntie J
    Auntie J November 16, 2012 at 5:16 pm |

    This is a great photo, looking through the veil. I must say that you do great photos of people.

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