dream a lil dream family

About Me

Mama . Wife . Daughter . Sister . Friend . Follower of Yeshua . Half Japanese . Bilingual

It all started with a little dream – I dreamed of one day going to Israel – to be in the land that YHVH blessed and called His Own. I dreamt of photographing the rich culture of Israel. In the fall of 2004, that dream became a reality.

While on that dream trip to Israel, I met my hubby. 6 months later we were engaged and then married in October of 2005, just 1 year from when we first met. I was 21. 3 months later we were pregnant with our first little one, Mrs. Sayuri. (Read her birth story here.) YHVH blessed us with her brother, Mr. Happy Feet, almost 2 and a half years later. (Read his birth story here.) Then our most recent addition, Baby Girl, was born this past June, 2011.

We are now a blessed family of five and about to make a huge move from Costa Rica to NY state.

I originally started blogging at the suggestion of a friend and encouragement from my hubby. It was a way for me to share my creativity and love of photography with those who could benefit from it. I find that I go in spurts in my blogging, but am hoping and trying to change that.

My Passions

Photography . Crafting . Sewing . Crochet & Knit . Handmade . Motherhood . Scriptures . Cake & Cookie Decorating . Cooking

At Home

Home school . Montessori . Baby Wearing . EC . Cloth Diapers. Family Bed . Attachment Parenting . Home birth . Water Birth . Breastfeeding

Things I Love

Books . Family . Laughter . Smiles . Dark Chocolate . English Grammar . Pictionary . Israel . Nature . Baby Cuddles . Love Notes . Jane Austen . Clean Bathrooms . Flannel Nightgowns . Crosswords . Anne of Green Gables . Snuggles . Black Licorice

Meet our “Baby Girl”

napping baby girl Baby Girl in Window Light

Meet our “Mr. Happy Feet”

chalk hands

Meet our “Mrs. Sayuri”