Delicate Sparkly Cookies

These cookies were all made by mom at the same time I made my purple brush embroidery and mendhi cookies.

First we have mini chocolate cut out cookies with a delicate lace design on them.

chocolate lace heart cookie minis

Here are round cookies with a scalloped edge in a pastel purple with white lace detailing.

pastel lace decorated cookies

Lastly these are beautiful sparkly snowflake design cookies made with white royal icing and light blue sanding sugar.

blue sanding sugar round snowflake decorated cookies

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  1. Auntie J
    Auntie J December 9, 2012 at 5:53 pm |

    I am amazed at the variation in designs. The colouring is very nicely done as well- inspirational! Inspirational concerning creating and eating those goodies!

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