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  1. Auntie J
    Auntie J December 31, 2013 at 11:56 pm |

    It is good to find to hear that you have an interest in our culture. Being involved with our culture and people has brought many wonderful experiences. Dressing in traditional clothing, folk dancing, sharing food…The discoveries of the thoughts and ways of those from the homeland-things which I can experience and learn.

  2. Trish Jordan
    Trish Jordan May 22, 2015 at 10:33 pm |

    I to had family in japan during WWII. my Aunt Dottee was a she was a news reporter, an airplane pilot and after the war she became a civil servant of the air force. she came home with many things but she would let me play with the hand carved Japanese family the one fits into the other. which I still have. As I got older and wanted to know about traditions and so forth. The fella that began to manage the Fujiya Hotel at Miyanoshita. became bombarted with questions of Japanese customs , and the daily lives of the Japanese people. he tried to satisfied the requests on the back of menu cards. which did not satisfy the thousands of guests. There are two volumes the title is “We Japanese”, vol.I and vol.II.
    These are not novels. The purpose of this book was to merely answer questions that most of what people wanted to know about Japan. I don’t know if any of these names are familiar to u but he gives credit to so many people. There a Mr. Senji Isono. Professor Chamberlain.

    good luck Trish Jordan my e-mail is itsme257@att.net if interested

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