Warm Weather Remembrances

baby girl in winter gear outside

Our first winter in New York has proven quite cold. Coming from the tropical weather of Costa Rica, it has been a huge climate adjustment. It is still strange for me to look outside and see snowflakes falling and blowing around on the wind.

Mostly because of the cold temperatures as of late, my mind has been wandering to warmer days gone by. We had such a beautiful warm summer season here.

Blue Lupin

Blue Lupin with Pussywillow Bush behind

The flowers filled the yard with lively colors and many interesting insects. Looking at these photos makes me feel warm inside and I could use a bit of that right now in this chilly weather! I plan on posting several summer 2012 photos that I never blogged on here this month of February.

orange poppy orange poppy in the sun

Red Poppies in the sun

 I just love poppies!

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    Auntie J February 3, 2013 at 6:28 pm |

    Look at that beautiful baby girl!

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